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What Shall I Wear?

Swim shorts or lycra are fantastic as they are quick drying! Fleeces are good if it's cool & don't forget change of clothes for when you are off the water. A baseball cap, sunglasses & sun cream are essential too. 


What Equipment Is Provided?

Provided with your kayak will be a paddle, buoyancy aid, spray skirt & a cag (waterproof top). We also provide dry bags for your spare clothing/belongings/food, these can be stored within the kayak.

The kayaks we use are traditional sea kayaks which are easier to paddle than sit on top kayaks and they are speedier too!

We also use double sea kayaks which are very stable and great for taking children out onto the sea.


Do I Need Anything Else?

Yes, something to drink. We recommend bringing 3 litres of water per person, even on the half day trips as it can get quite hot in Summer. Something to eat would be good too. 


Where Are You Based?

We are based in Olbia, on the east coast of Sardinia but will choose the location for the trip based on the weather conditions for that day.


How Experienced Do I Need To Be?

No experience is required. We will suit the trip to your own needs & experience & coaching will be given where needed to make your time on the water a pleasurable experience.


Do I Need To Be In Great Shape To Join A Trip?

Not necessarily as the half day trips are quite gentle with the emphasis on exploring coastline. Full day & multi day trips are longer but we set the pace to suit everyone in the group and look after you.


How Much Paddling Is Done?

We aim to spend three hours on the water on a half day trip & up-to six on a full day.


What If I Capsize?

No big deal really and the water in Sardinia is nice and warm. A combination of hard practice & real life situations to deal with mean our guides will have you back in your kayak very quickly. We will empty your kayak of water, get you back in the seat & make sure you are comfortable before letting you go & continuing on with the trip. We also put in place a plan of action to keep the rest of the group safe at the same time. Safety is everything!


What If The Weather Deteriorates?

Wind & swell are the main considerations here but that rarely happens during the summer. Rain is of little consequence as we'll be dressed for the wet anyway, I actually find rain wonderfully peaceful when out at sea. I will judge the conditions before meeting up for the trip & decide whether to postpone or cancel it on weather grounds.


Do You Take Children?

Yes, children as young as five are welcome on our trips when accompanied by an adult. We have double sea kayaks available for children and these are stable and easy to kayak and will be piloted by a parent. We also have buoyancy aids & kayak clothing specifically designed specifically for children. 


Are You Qualified?

Yes, I (Taran) am a BCU 5 Star Sea Leader & a qualified Coach. Any guides I hire will have a 4 Star Sea Leader qualifications as a minimum.

We take safety very seriously and that starts with having very experienced guides


Not answered your question? Please ask (Click Here)



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